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Chapter Day Workshop

Saturday, September 20, 2014

  • Click on the Link to RSVP if you are not a member. Members will be sent a link via email. Please register no later than September 18th, 2014.
  • Time: 9am - 12 noon
  • Location: Scottsdale Senior Center (see map below)
  • Sensei: TBD
  • Lesson: Moribana in a soup or rice bowl
  • Cost: FREE

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Bring your favorite soup or rice bowl, kenzan, and line material.

Class Reservations can be made by RSVP to Jan Jensen at or (480) 836-1486.

Please respond to Jan before the registration deadline, to ensure the appropriate number of materials are purchased.

Make checks out to Ikenobo of Arizona. Checks should be sent to Jan at 16833 E. Kingstree Blvd., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. This will hold your place in class. Your canceled check will be your receipt. There will be no cancellations or refunds.

General Information
WORKSHOP REMINDERS: Will be sent via email in advance of each workshop.
LOCATIONS: The Scottsdale Senior Center is at 10440 E. Via Linda in Scottsdale.
The El dorado Park and Community Center is at 2311 N. Miller Road, Scottsdale (corner of Miller and Oak)
The Horizon Community Center is at 15444 N. 100th Street, Scottsdale

Students should bring the following items to classes:
Container(s) appropriate for the workshop being taught
Hasami (scissors)
Bucket for water to hold your plant material while doing arrangement
Wires, wire cutters, tape
Vase (appropriate for arrangement)
Paper or plastic bag for debris
Personal Class Attendance sheet


Click here for a printable Workshop Checklist and Workshop Ettiquette document

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Workshop Schedule
The workshop schedule will be posted when it becomes available in August.



The Ikenobo School is the oldest school of Ikebana or Japanese flower arranging dating from the 15th century.  Based in Kyoto, the traditional cultural capital of Japan, Ikenobo stresses the inherent nature of  flowers and plants, and it allows one to express personal feelings through this art form. 

The Arizona Chapter of Ikenobo Ikebana was founded in 1964 and chartered in 1974.   We hold workshops  throughout the year led by certified teachers.  New members are always welcome.

Late Spring Workshop with Sensei Linnea Storm

Professor Yoichi MizutaniOn May 17, our workshop was most unique. Sensei Linnea Storm instructed us in a Boat Arrangement. She explained that this form can be arranged in 3 styles. The Left-handed ( gyakugatte).style is called Iribune or incoming boat. The prow and sail face to the right and the oar trails to the left. The Right-handed (hongatte) style called Debune, where the prow and sail face to the left and the oar trails to the right. The third style is called Tomaribune, following the tokonoma orientation and is placed on the floor. This shows the boat at anchor. It rests, with the sails taken in, having no oar. The Yakueda (the branches that play a role in the structure of the arrangement mainly the Shin, Soe and Tai ) do not extend beyond edges of the container.

Linnea showed us beautiful examples of the first two arrangements. For our class, she taught the third style, Tomaribune. This was done in the winter season form, having more leaves than flowers. Linnea chose Iris for this Isshuike (1 material) arrangement. The containers were in boat form, using a cup style kenzan to hold the flowers. Water is held only in the kenzan, which is placed in the center of the container. The kenzan is then covered with pebbles.

This class was challenging. We learned to create a mood, an aura of tranquility. This allowed the viewer to sense that this “boat” was actually resting in port.

In future we plan to have more challenging classes. We are so fortunate to have Senseis, like Linnea, who can patiently guide the beginner and also test the talents of our more learned students.

We look forward to next year.  It promises to be interesting and fun.

We welcome our newest members.  Andy Broder and Jimmy Yiannias.  We are so happy that you are joining us on our Ikebana journey.

You can view pictures from the workshop below or on our facebook page.

To view larger images, you may select the Workshop Photos link to see all the arrangements from this and previous workshops.